Wear Analysis for Engineers
Raymond G. Bayer

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360 pp.
ISBN: 0-9664286-5-X

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About the Author

Raymond G. Bayer has over 40 years of industrial experience in tribology. From 1958 to the end of 1991 he worked at IBM's Endicott, NY, site where he held a number of technical and management positions in several advance technology, materials, and reliability organizations, retiring as a Senior Engineer. During that that time, his work in tribology focused on the wear and lubrication of high-speed electromechanical devices associated with computer peripherals and business machines, as well as the wear of packaging components used in computer. Since the end of 1991, he has been an independent consultant, working on tribological problems in applications as diverse as disk drives, medical equipment, engines, and large agricultural equipment.

He is the author of two previous books on engineering approaches to wear design and problem resolution, as well as over 75 technical papers in this area. He has been the editor or coeditor of eight ASTM special technical publications on various aspects of wear and wear testing. He is a Fellow of ASTM and has been a member of ASTM's Wear and Erosion Committee since the early 19'70s and has served as its Chairman. He is also a member of the Internal Conference on Wear of Materials and served as Conference Chairman for the 1989 conference. He currently is proceedings editor for communications and case study contributions. He has obtained degrees in physics and applied mathematics from St. John's University and Brown University, respectively. During his career, he has developed and presented a number of courses on tribology geared for industry.

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