Electroanalytical Methods in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Their Validation

Sibel A. Ozkan

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October 2011
350 pp.

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ISBN: 978-0-9664286-7-4



About the Author

Sibel A. Ozkan, Prof. Dr. is Professor of Analytical Chemistry on the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey. Her research focuses on electroanalytical chemistry and separation techniques for pharmaceutically active compounds and DNA-drug interactions. The author of more than 130 original and review articles, Dr. Ozkan is on the editorial boards of Chromatographia, Talanta, and The Open Analytical Chemistry Journal, among others; has served as guest editor of journal special issues, including Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, and is a referee for numerous journals. She is active as an organizer of international conferences related to pharmaceutical sciences, notably the ISOPs Series in Ankara. In 2008, Dr. Ozkan received the Turkish Pharmaceutical Association Academy of Pharmacy Award.

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